A “derby” at the top / FEURS 63-72 ANDREZIEUX

Before the game, both teams were co-leader of group A. The stake was high since only one of the two would remains at the top of the group. It is finally Andrezieux who won 63-72.
But it was not easy! In front of a full gymnasium (1,700 people), both teams showed a high level basketball and a great intensity!

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Andrezieux winner and co-leader! 85 ALS – 67 BCNA

On Saturday night the 16th of January, ALS Basket hosted BCNA team in Victor Lacoste gymnasium. The game was held for the benefit of the association “Pas à Pas pour Lenny”. The championship resumed after the break, with big stake: In case of victory, ALS will become co leader of the National 2 “poule A”. ERL Sport team was present to follow the game. Read More


Clashes of the week-end ! 16/01

Back to the championship after a short break !
Andrezieux, current second of the league, will receive Nord Ardèche this week-end. For sure our three players : Milos Pavlovic, Sasa Mijajlovic, and Marko Ilic will give their best on the court ! Let the best team win!!
Game in favor of the association : Pas a Pas Avec Lenny

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New game Rennes against CEP Lorient !

The two co-leaders of NM2 PouleC will meet in French Cup this week-end. What do you think ? Will Rennes with Perica and Vukan confirm their victory of last month ? Or will Lorient and Nikola change the result ? Tell us your predictions !


Clashes of the week-end

Clash of newcomers in NM2, youngsters Nemanja Gavranic and Adam Mirkovic ( Garonne) vs experienced Darko Kastratovic ( Gardonne)!!! Good luck to the players in following game and let the best team win!!!

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Nikola Jovanovic signed with CEP Lorient

Nikola Jovanovic just signed in CEP Lorient. He will bring his experience to this ambitious team. He joins in Poule C of NM2 Perica Mitic, Vukan Zivkovic and Milan Radivojevic. ERL Sport wishes him a good season.