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NEW IN 2016


For several years, we invite foreign players coming to France to go to tryout in club. This year, we reverse the roles: we offer coaches to come and see a group of players rather than bringing only one to test !

Who is it aimed at ?

On the one hand, we welcome French and foreign players with the level of French nationals championship to come and show themselves to the coaches. With two training sessions per day, supervised by coaches with various backgrounds, it is also an opportunity for players to come to practice and develop their game.

On the other side, we invite coaches to come see these players, but also to come and meet each other. The season is long and busy, we believe our camp may be an opportunity for them to meet and discuss about their coach mission.

Thank you to our sponsors :


The CESNI offers an unparalleled training for  athletes but with:

  • personalized study rhythms
  • a specific layout to the mountain looms
  • possible specializations in trade Sports

By choosing the CESNI, sportspeople solve three problems:

  • To fully develop in their sport while preparing for their future careers or their conversion
  • Find a human structure for training tailored to their needs and constraints,
  • Benefit from a network of partner companies.


The CESNI is part of INSEEC’s group and is located in the french Alps, by the ‘Lac du Bourget’.



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Run and Jump, is a sporting goods company specializing in basketball.


Created by basketball players, for basketball players, the company operates for 10 years with many clubs throughout France, Switzerland, Belgium …

Renowned for the quality of its products and its sublimation printing technology, the company developed its own brand “Run and Jump” that meets the needs and requirements of clubs, tournaments and basketball camps.



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