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ERL Sport is an agency created on the initiative of Zeljko KIAUTA. He has been working as a sports agent for more than a decade, dealing with the greatest French Basketball clubs such as Asvel, Le Mans, Strasbourg …

For a few years, he has slowed down that activity in order to pursue other entrepreneurial projects.


In 2013, he decided to resume the main activity of the agency with some new ambitions. He starts to strengthen his team by integrating recruiters and scouts with a goal of providing a more comprehensive and technical services. These persons are former basketball players and coaches.


In 2014, he met a web marketing consultant, Lea GAGET. As a result, the strategy of the agency goes more digital. Indeed, as part of its efforts to provide quality service and in particular to meet the expectations of the sport sector, the work evolves. Web tools allow our team to collaborate across Europe as well as the web campaigns and digital CVs help better promote the players and better exchange with clubs.


All these actions allow the agency to be known and recognized for its successful follow-ups and responsiveness.


Today ERL Sport is not only a sports management agency but a « sport & web services agency. » The agency offers a vast range of services related to web strategies, digital and sport training for the players, coaches and club members. Read more about services.

Our interest lies in the support, coaching and especially the exchange with our customers and partners in order to help them achieve their goals. Thanks to the different profiles and skills of ERL Sport members, we can advise sport clubs and athletes on all types of matters: recruiting, scouting, administrative support, web marketing, events…

We strive to position ourselves permanently in the sporting landscape. We want to be recognized for the quality of our work, our advice and our values.

By combining sport & web and our relentless pursuit of innovation, we hope to bring our touch to the world of sports!


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