Clash of the week-end ! 23/01


Clash of the week-end ! 23/01

New “ERL Sport meeting” in NM2 Poule D this week-end !

WOSB is going to play in Gries this week-end. 

Srdjan Grujic and his team did a good job by winning against KABCA last week, they will want to confirm this good performance.

On the other side, Gries lost for the first time of the season at Pont de Cheruy. Nemanja Stankovic, Vladimir Matic and their teammates will for sure fight for the victory. To support them, the club launched the challenge to fill the gymnasium with 3.000 people!

The game is held for the benefit of the association Téléthon.

UPDATE 25.01 / RESULTS : BCGO 92 – 68 WOSB

As announced the gymnasium was full to support Gries last saturday ! In this important game, the hierarchy was respected : Gries won 92 – 68. Nemanja Stankovic did a great performance with 16 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Dunk, 3points shoots… He was precious to his team !
In the other team our player Srdjan Grujic was present in the paint and got 5 rebounds.

Read more in the press :–video—le-bcgo–un-leader-qui-a-du-coeur–,26267.html

You can also watch this video proposed by “Les infos du Sport”